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Songs of Dragon Quest (Warrior)

Hail, traveler, and well met. Maybe you came here from the Opera House? Then you know the Final Fantasy series of games boasts an impressive collection of vocalized songs—that is, songs from within the games that have been recorded with lyrics.

You most likely also know that the Dragon Quest (or Dragon Warrior, as it's known in the States) series is always in a sort of friendly (?) competition with the FF series. Games from each series will be released at around the same time; Square and Enix executives sit back and watch the bloodbath as their respective games vie for the public's affection.

All of this means it's only natural that the DQ folks would release vocalized versions of their songs as well. These pages are my attempt to collect, translate, and publish as many DQ lyrics as possible. For most songs, if not all, this will be their first foray into the English-speaking world.

Loula: Songs of Dragon Quest


Dragon Quest anime, part I

Dragon Quest anime, part II

Dai no Daibouken (Dai's Great Adventure) anime


Dragon Quest II

Dragon Quest III

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